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Over 100 Challenges in 9 different Categories


These challenges are made for people who love the extra kick! When you embark on adventures of this character, you might find yourself flying 125 meters high above the Alexanderplatz or sneaking into abandoned places.


Add some fun to your stroll through Berlin with the challenges from this character! With the desire to discover hidden places, the Explorer keeps finding little treasures throughout Berlin. Sharpen your senses, lace up your shoes and hit the streets!


These challenges will have you approaching people in Berlin and connect more deeply with your fellow travelers. With their playful touch, the social games of this character will bring you joyful interactions and many new friends.

Time Traveler

Berlin has gone through many changes over time and is constantly evolving. Travel through space and time and take a glimpse into Berlin’s past by finding places that have rich stories to tell.


Learn to prepare a typical Berlin dish with the instructions from this character. You will also learn about the specialties Berlin can offer your sense of taste and eat like the locals do.

Nature Lover

With the Grunewald forest and many lakes right outside of Berlin, there is so much to see for anybody who wants to escape the city for a while. But also within this green city you will find ways to get in touch with nature.

Party Animal

This character will show you the diversity of Berlin’s party scene. Sample the nightlife and challenge yourself to unforgettable experiences! Whatever you’re looking for, creative bars or the creme de la creme of crushing techno beats, you’ll find it here.


There is hardly any city in the world that attracts more creative people than Berlin. Street art, theatre, music, dance … you’ll find all sorts of inspiration and opportunities to live out your artistic side in these challenges.


You feel like moving your body or you’re in the mood for some competitive action? These challenges will raise your heart beat in one of the urban races or physical activities that you can do here in Berlin.

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Participate in a Scavenger Hunt

Three times a week we are having a scavenger hunt in Kreuzberg where Urban Challenges are done in groups. Complete as many urban challenges as possible in the streets of Kreuzberg, earn points, win badges and get a prize.

  • Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 2pm
  • Meeting at Chocolateria Sünde, Heinrichplatz
  • 3.5 hours
  • Free / Tips appreciated :)