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Urban Challenger is an app/card deck with engaging travel challenges and hands-on activities for exploring cities in a fun and novel way. Take on a challenge and get tidbits, maps and useful links in the app along the way.

Foodie travel challenge
Connector travel challenge
Explorer travel explorer challenge
Nature Lover travel challenge
Artist travel challenge
Party Animal travel challenge
Time Traveler travel challenge
Badass travel challenge

Play along with 9 different Characters

Take on a Challenge

Make the City your Playground

Our challenges will help you find hidden sights and landmarks that are far from the tourist trail.

What other Explorers say

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"I’ve literally never had so much fun exploring a city."

Alex & Cindy
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"A great range of activities. I’d never have thought of half of them on my own so it’s a good thing someone else did!"

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"Urban Challenger drops you right in the thick of the action. I loved it!"


Also Available as a Printed Card Deck

The printed card deck contains a selection of 60 of the finest challenges for a city. Each card can be scanned with the app to get to the mission briefing.

Berlin Urban Challenger card deck

Now Available for Berlin

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Hand-crafted by adventurous locals and expats

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