About us

Our mission is to make the travel experience more playful. We believe traveling is about creating your own experiences. Urban Challenger is for people who want to be active explorers and interact with the people around them on their journey.

We really like overcoming the feeling of foreignness that’s present when we first arrive in a new city, and to do that, we challenge ourselves to try out new things and immerse ourselves in the local way of life. We like the challengers mindset — that of leaving our personal comfort zones — because it’s where the magic happens. It also gives us some pretty amazing stories to tell.

The essence of this approach to travel is at the core of Urban Challenger. Travel playfully!

Meet the Urban Challenger Team

Simon Heitz

Daniel Heitz

Alexia Elliott

Jaspreet Narang

Jesus JJC

Laura Harker

Lynn Spreadbury

Mitchell New

Natalye Childress

Shayan Naveed

Steve Callerame

Neelesh Vasistha

Kyria Sobrinho

Skye Class

Emma Beslich

Our Founders

Daniel Heitz

Daniel Heitz

My life as a digital nomad has brought me to more than 50 countries, and I love to explore new cities. It’s this curiosity for new places, people, and cultures that keeps me moving. It’s my source of inspiration for creating pioneering ventures.

Best friends are the ones who challenge you and get you out of your comfort zone. While traveling, this is how memorable stories are created. Having a playful attitude helps me to overcome fear and to open up for exploring new things. That’s what I’ve learned while traveling and that’s what I want to share with Urban Challenger.

Simon Heitz

Simon Heitz

With Urban Challenger, I want to bring people together. I believe that new encounters and experiences are the most precious part of traveling. For example, I’m passionate about acting in theater and going rock climbing, and just as I want to share these interests with everyone I encounter, I want the people I meet on my journey to show me what they get excited about.

I’ve lived and worked in various places in the world — including Alaska, Spain, India, Chile, and Germany — and I’ve traveled to many other places beyond. With Urban Challenger, I can combine my enthusiasm for discovery, my curiosity for different cultures, and my love of traveling.

How this has all started …

We are two brothers, Daniel and Simon, who have been traveling together for much of our lives.

Mumbai 2012

The first time we did a challenge was in Mumbai in 2012. We’d been strolling through an especially lively neighborhood one morning, and as we hopped on board a rickshaw without any specific destination, we set a goal of using all of the public transportation methods available in the city that day. We wandered the entire city, hanging on the outside of a local train, riding a bus to its final stop, and cruising the city in a taxi all night long. But we never felt lost because we had a goal to stick to — and besides, going into the unknown was all part of the game. We ended up having one of the best days of our entire trip!

In August 2015, we had the idea of sharing this way of traveling that we cultivated by creating Urban Challenger.