Urban Rally in Berlin

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An easy way to get a feel for the city is to play with it. That’s exactly the mindset of the Urban Rally.

In this exploration game, which it basically is, we make teams which will interact with the city and its people in a variety of ways. They engage in sometimes challenging activities, because exploring the city is much more fun if you have a mission.

In form of a card game the players receive a set of challenges in different categories. Explorers will find hidden places and Foodies can taste typical Berlin dishes. Artists can live out their creative side and will be inspired by amazing street-art that Kreuzberg has to offer.

Some challenges will tell you a story while in others you write your own story when talking to locals along your way.

Since we started to run the Urban Rally, travelers, expats living in Berlin as well as locals had fun adventuring through Kreuzberg with this game. It is such a joy always to listen to the stories people tell me when they look at the pictures they have taken in the Rally.

If you follow our Facebook Page you might have already seen some of the happy faces of our Urban Rally in Kreuzberg. Or simply check the gallery on our website.

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