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Over 50 Challenges in 9 different Categories


Have an exciting adventure with this character. These challenges are all about adrenaline. How about fighting waves rafting down the wild Maipo river?


There is so much to see in the streets of Santiago. But where to look first? The challenges of this category will have you finding special places and exploring the city with all your senses.


Get in contact with the people around you. The Connector challenges will get you talking to people in the streets, maybe even with some new learned Chliean vocabulary. You don’t want to stay a stranger here, do you?

Time Traveler

There is much to learn about Santiago and its people. Find places that tell their story and take a closer look at what has been moving this city over time.


Chileans love their barbecue and you should definitely get a taste of the “asado” culture. What better place to light up the grill than inside a horse racing track? You should also try the wonderful sandwiches here.

Nature Lover

With the mountain range right outside the city you have the hiking paradise at your feet. Chile is home to beautiful trees and a walk through a forest can be reviving and delightful.

Party Animal

When the night has come get your body moving to the rhythm. Learn the local dances like Cueca and dive into the vibrant night life in the challenges for Party Animals.


Capture your impressions of Santiago the creative way by writing, drawing, playing music or performing. You will also find lots of inspiration from local artists in these challenges.


If you want a good workout, the Athlete challenges tell you where to start. Try yourself at rock climbing, bike polo or just head out for a round of jogging in the green.

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