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Over 75 Challenges in 9 different Categories


You’ll need courage for the challenges of this character. Would you dare to dart through Bangkok’s dense traffic on a motorbike taxi or make your way into an abandoned airplane graveyard?


The streets of Bangkok can be maddening and chaotic — and getting lost within the city is an adventure in and of itself. The challenges of this character will help you find your way in this urban jungle, including learning how to use river boats as a means of transportation.


These challenges invite you to interact with the people around you on your journey. Connect more deeply with your travel companions, help out street vendors with their businesses, or get to know Buddhist culture.

Time Traveler

This character will send you off on a scavenger hunt through historical sites and museums. You’ll also learn about Buddhist culture in Bangkok and possibly receive blessings at the temples, which will aid you in the future.


Bangkok is a wonderland for your taste buds, so don’t miss out on the great variety of fruits and special dishes that Thailand has to offer. You may even learn to cook some of them yourself!

Nature Lover

These challenges will lead you to beautiful green spots within Bangkok that are well suited for escaping the city’s hustle and bustle. You can also find an urban gardening project with lots of inspiration on how to make the city a greener place.

Party Animal

Anyone who has ever seen Bangkok’s nightlife knows that the adventure really gets started after nightfall. Enjoy the party scene the luxurious way in a rooftop sky bar with a cocktail in hand, or go crazy on one of the flashy party streets and dance the night away!


In Bangkok, it’s easy to experience sensory overload. How about taking it slow for a while and processes all this input the creative way? Bring out your artistic side in these challenges!


There are so many fun ways to get physically active in Bangkok! Bust some moves on a mountain bike or wakeboard, try out parkour, or learn a martial art like Muay Thai!

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